Thursday, 4 October 2018

Is Living DNA a Viable Company?

I was initially excited  by Living DNA's entry into the autosomal DNA testing market - As I have UK / Irish ancestry, I was hoping to see more DNA matches, from a UK company.

When Living DNA announced the opportunity to upload autosomal DNA test results from other testing companies, I immediately uploaded our results, but that was 11 months ago, and still I wait.

There was supposedly a beta test of their Family Networks feature (DNA matching) earlier this year, but there has been no communication from Living DNA on whether that was successful, a dismal failure, or if it has been extended.

The company's blog had 4 posts in June, 4 posts in July, 2 in August, and none in September.  It is like Living DNA has ceased to operate, although their website is still active.

Although I don't have a Facebook account, I have checked the Living DNA Facebook page, but it too contains no feedback on the Family Networks feature.

I appreciate that new features take time to develop, and companies do not have endless resources, but when a company stops communicating to their customers, it is usually a sign of trouble.

I hope that I am wrong.

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